Strategic Business Advisory

Our Strategic Business Advisory sessions are consulting in nature, using our expert skills and knowledge to advise companies on what they need to do and how to do it. Our strategic business advisory guides work, rather that executing it. Think of us as someone who tells you what and how to do rather than doing it. As your strategic business advisor, our primary goal is to help companies plan specific strategies to fix problems or create opportunities. In every session, we guide entrepreneurs and CEOs through their business endeavors, helping to resolve issues to maintain sustainability and revenues. Each session, we assess your business concerns, conduct research and provide you with the best strategic advice and guided solutions so that you can continue to grow and sustain a revenue-driven business. 24 to 48 hours following your session, your advisor directly email a recap of details from your strategic business advisory session along with any important referral links related to your session. Who do we advise: entrepreneurs, CEOs, startups, nonprofits and small businesses. Advice subjects: startup formation, branding, design, credit and financing, trademark, business law, document creation, accounting procedures, tax exemption, nonprofit development, intellectual property, e-commerce, real estate, economic development, etc. Please note that this is one-time free consultation for new clients only.